Interventional Pulmonologist from Nagpur, Dr. Sameer Arbat has been invited to European Respiratory Society(ERS) Congress to be held at Paris in September 2018. Dr. Arbat has been invited to present his work on Cryobiopsy for the diagnosis of Interstitial Lung Disease and Lung Cancer.

Dr Sameer Arbat will be presenting his study on more than 30 cases who underwent cryobiopsy at KRIMS Hospitals, Nagpur which stands proudly as one of the best pulmonology hospitals in India. The study has proven a success rate of more than 93% in diagnosing lung cancer and 86% in diagnosing Interstitial Lung Disease. Also, it proves this modality to be a safe procedure with minor bleeding in a few cases and no pneumothorax. Considering that this is a pioneer study, Dr. Sameer Arbat has been awarded the prestigious Indian Chest Society(ICS) Grant for Young Researcher to represent India at an international conference. Cryobiopsy is an advanced tool in Interventional Pulmonology, used to diagnose various diseases such as Interstitial Lung Disease and Lung Cancer. The cryoprobe is used with a flexible bronchoscope and is capable of freezing the tissue up to -89 ͒ C. This ensures that the biopsy tissue is taken out in a bigger size with completely preserved architecture. This helps the pathologist to give an accurate diagnosis of the disease. Also, cryobiopsy is very useful in removing tumors en block from airways. Dr. Arbat received his training from Italy and has performed around 100 cryo-procedures till now. Dr. Arbat is the first Pulmonologist in Central India to have a complete EBUS and Cryobiopsy set up making him one of the best lung specialist doctor. The European Respiratory Society is the biggest body of Respiratory clinicians and research scientists all over the world. The ERS Congress is an annual event and is attended by more than 20,000 participants from 130 countries. This year it is being held in Paris from 15th to 19th September.