Dr Sameer Arbat received the prestigious “Best Paper Award” at IPL 2018 at Mumbai on 3rd June 2018. Dr Sameer presented the Original Paper on “Role of Cryobiopsy in 57 patients” and 2 rare case reports on “EBUS in Tracheo-Esophageal Mass” and “Unusual case of Nail in Lung”.  The Interventional Pulmonology League-IPL is an annual national level meeting of interventional pulmonologists, organized by Institute of Pulmonology, Medical Research and Development (IPMRD) Mumbai. Dr Sameer Arbat is the youngest pulmonologist in India to have the EBUS setup. He presented 3 papers at IPL 2018, pertaining to interventional pulmonology. He presented an Original Paper on a case series of 57 cryobiopsy procedures performed at KRIMS Hospitals. The paper signifies the use of Cryobiopsy as a tool for diagnosis of two dreadful diseases, Lung Cancer and Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD). Cryobiopsy is a relatively new technique, which is useful in extracting a bigger sample of lung tissue for biopsy as well as for complete removal of tumours of the airway. He also presented two rare cases of EBUS used for the diagnosis of Tracheo-Esophageal Mass and an Unusual case of a nail in the lung, which was successfully treated at KRIMS Hospitals, Nagpur. Endobronchial Ultrasound or EBUS is an advanced bronchoscopic technology, which combines the utility of an endoscope and the ultrasound. The sensitivity and specificity of EBUS have been found to be above 96%, thus making it an irreplaceable tool for diagnosis of Lung Cancer and tuberculosis. This setup can prove to be a boon in lung cancer treatment in India.
The Interventional Pulmonology League-IPL 2018 was attended by interventional pulmonologist from all over India. Eminent faculty members included Dr Felix J Herth from Germany also Dr Zarir Udwadia, Dr Pattabiraman, Dr Bhavin Zankaria who are considered to be the best pulmonologists in India. Dr Sameer Arbat received the awards at the hands of Dr Prashant Chhajed, Director of IPMRD and one of the pioneers of interventional pulmonology in India. The Department of Pulmonology, KRIMS Hospitals is the first and only centre in Central India to have Cryobiopsy and EBUS setup and has regular publications and presentations at National and International platforms every year. More than 800 interventional procedures have been performed at KRIMS Hospitals over the past three years including cryobiopsy, EBUS and thoracoscopy procedures.