The 73rd NATCON 2019 an eminent event brought together national and international leaders for TB elimination in India with a NATCON conference for the initiative of TB -Free Nagpur supported by NATCON President Dr Radha Munje, Secretary Dr Ravindra Sarnaik and Dr Arora National President of TB Association from India.

Also under the NATCON 2019, a workshop on Interventional Pulmonology was conducted before at KRIMS Hospitals on the 4th of January 2019. The exceptional part of this workshop was that it was a Hands-On Workshop on Interventional Pulmonology and covered the topics of EBUS and Cryotherapy. The attending delegates were young doctors who had come from all over India to learn advanced Bronchoscopy procedures. The eminent faculty members were Dr Rakesh Chawla from New Delhi, Dr Ashish Tandon from Allahabad and Dr Vivek Gupta, Dr Sameer Arbat Pulmonology Specialist in Nagpur and Dr Komal Galani also from Nagpur. The workshop included lectures on various topics related to Interventional Pulmonology, followed by a Hands-On session, in which the delegates got to operate those instruments by themselves. Dr Sameer Arbat was the Co-ordinator for this Workshop and Dr Rajesh Swarnakar was the Chairman of the Workshop Committee.

Interventional Pulmonology 73rd NATCON 2019