Dr Mohammed Munavvar, world renowned Interventional Pulmonologist was in Nagpur city on the occasion of ‘World Cancer Day’ on 4th February 2019. Dr Munavvar had come to Nagpur as a faculty for VIP Summit 2019, organized by Department of Pulmonology, KRIMS Hospitals.

VIP Summit 2019 was a one day conference & workshop in recent advancements in Interventional Pulmonology. The summit included clinical lectures followed by a hands-on workshop. The delegates attending were doctors from Nagpur city and Madhya Pradesh state. The eminent faculty members included Dr Ashok Arbat, Senior Pulmonologist, KRIMS Hospitals & Dr Sameer Arbat, Interventional Pulmonologist, KRIMS Hospitals. Dr Munavvar spoke on advanced Interventional Pulmonology techniques such as EBUS and indwelling pleural catheter while Dr Ashok Arbat spoke on medical thoracoscopy and Dr Sameer Arbat on cryobiopsy. This was followed by a hands-on workshop where delegates got to use these advanced diagnostic machines by themselves.

Dr M Munavvar has been a Consultant Chest Physician/ Interventional Pulmonologist at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals, Preston, UK for over 19 years. He is President-Elect, British Thoracic Society, one of the most eminent medical bodies in the world. He has been President of the European Association of Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology.

Interventional Pulmonology is a relatively new branch of pulmonology which deals with advanced machinery which is used to perform minimally invasive procedures for diagnosis of lung cancer and other diseases.

The event was organized by department of Pulmonology, KRIMS Hospitals, which is the only centre in central India to have a fully equipped Interventional Pulmonology unit. Dr Sameer Arbat has performed more than 500 Interventional Pulmonology procedures. Other dignitaries present at the event were Dr Radha Munje, HOD IGMC, Dr Sushant Meshram, HOD GMC and Dr Rajesh Swarnakar, Secretary ICS.

Facts about Lung Cancer

  1. Lung Cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths among males and females in India and the world
  2. In India, Lung cancer constitutes 6.9% of all new cancers and 9.3% of all cancer deaths
  3. Smoking is the main risk for lung cancer
  4. 85% of lung cancer cases in India are diagnosed at an advanced stage that is not treatable by surgery
  5. Lung cancer is often misdiagnosed and treated as tuberculosis until the right diagnosis is made
  6. Smoking incidence has been seen on a steady decline in western countries but is increasing in India